Ryan Foster - Owner & Pet Stylist

In 2009, Ryan decided to attend grooming school to pursue a career in the pet grooming industry. Shortly after completion of the program, Ryan decided to open Mission Bay Pet Salon and Wash. He felt that his love of animals and his passion of interacting with people would be something that he could bring to Pacific Beach and neighboring communities. Since opening their doors in 2010, Mission Bay Pet Salon has groomed thousands of dogs and cats and has built a strong reputation as a clean, safe and inviting atmosphere for both the owners and their pets.

Ryan is married to his wife Sue and together they have two Siberian Huskies, Juneau and Togo. They enjoy going to dog beach, riding their bikes and eating sushi. They have been Pacific Beach residents since 2007.

Wendy Hansen - Pet Stylist

Wendy joined our team in July 2013. She moved her family to La Jolla from the Santa Cruz Mountains. She has 9 years of experience in the Grooming profession. Wendy’s love for animals started at a very young age and today she can honestly say, “Grooming is my passion.” Wendy loves coming to work every day and building relationships with clients and their dogs; she has an exceptionally soft spot for the “Doodle” breeds.

Wendy has a husband Nik and three beautiful children. Nikolas, her 8 year old son. Dylan, 7 years, and her beautiful baby girl, Gloria Jean who is 8 months. Besides the love for her work she loves being a wife and mother

Jennifer Rosas - Pet Stylist/Dog Trainer

Jennifer Rosas has 9 years of experience in the pet grooming profession and over 12 yrs of experience working with animals.

She takes pride and joy in being able to groom and connect with those pets need a little TLC! She enjoys training puppies as well as adult dogs with all different behaviors.
Jennifer and her husband Arthuro have two pets of their own, all rescues. Junior, a Husky mix (12) and Zelda their 9 year old Torti cat.

When not at work Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family. She and her husband also enjoy all of what San Diego has to offer like the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Museums. Her favorite time is when she get’s to spend time with her husband and pets.

Pam Riggen - Receptionist

Pam Riggen, is a former Boise, Idaho resident who recently moved to the Pacific Beach to be with her high school sweetheart. Pam is the mother of two beautiful daughters, the oldest is currently attending the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, and the youngest is pursuing a nursing degree at the College of Southern Idaho.

Having had experience in a veterinary clinic and spending over twenty years in the medical field, Pam has found the best in both fields while working at Mission Bay Pet Salon, an opportunity to provide great service to our community and meet so many wonderful four legged friends. Pam hopes to, in the very near future, manage a small farm and care for teeny tiny goats and fat chickens.

In her off time, Pam enjoys bicycling to the beach, boogie boarding the waves and riding in the wind with her man on the back of a Harley.

Malorie Partida - Pet Stylist

Malorie, a San Diego Native, has over three years experience working in a Doggy Daycare and Grooming Shop. Malorie joined our team in early 2013 and has brought a great deal of knowledge and skill of dog grooming.

Malorie loves grooming her pets and working with their owners.  She prides herself on delivering the haircut that the owner wants.  She does clean shave downs, paying attention to all details.
Malorie’s passion is her 1970 Volkswagen Beetle which she loves to customize and rehabilitate. She loves listening to live music. We often catch her singing to her music while on the job.

Sarah Johnson - Pet Stylist

Sarah is the newest member of the Mission Bay Pet Salon Team. She spends her day bathing the dogs and prepping them for grooming. From brushing, nail clipping, blow drying and brushing teeth. She is always ready to help the client and the team move through the day. Sarah is looking to enhance her dog grooming skills to one day become a dog groomer.

Sarah is originally from East Tennessee, near the Smoky Mountains National Park. She and her husband have been living in San Diego for five years and they absolutely love Southern California. They have two doggy children, Molly and Sadie; three year old, playful, terrier/chihuahua mix and a one year old American Pittbull Terrier. In 2012 Sarah decided to leave her career as a property manager and pursue her dreams of working with animals. She opened her own dog walking business and is working towards becoming an accomplished groomer.

Lori McClure - Grooming Assistant

Lori has extensive knowledge and experience working with dogs. She has worked in many different capacities including Dog Grooming Salons, Daycare, Overnight, “Do it Yourself” Wash and Canine Training Facilities. She has over 5 years working in the Pet Care industry.

Lori loves working with dogs that have a heavy double coated matted dogs. She enjoys the challenge and revels in the satisfaction of seeing a 180 degree change after she is done working on the dog.

Lori has 3 dogs of her own, 2 turtles, a bearded dragon and a hamster. Lori enjoys hiking the trails of San Diego.

Sadie Burton - Grooming Assistant / Receptionist

Sadie is our newest addition to the team and we are excited to have her. She comes to us with over 4 years experience working, bathing and training dogs. She started off as a kennel assistant working with show dogs and rescue dogs. She is pet CPR and First Aid Certified through the Red Cross. Her ultimate goal is to train K9 officers or military dogs. We know she is talented and will make her dreams come true one day, until then, we love having her.
When not working with dogs, Sadie enjoys fishing, camping, tailgating and going to the dessert. She also has rat terrier named Gravy.

Melanie Sponselee - Pet Stylist/Dog Trainer

Starting at Kearny Mesa Veterinary Center directly out of high school in 2002. Melanie worked as a veterinary technician assistant for 5 years. In 2007 She adopted a two and a half year-old greyhound who was a retired racing dog from Arizona. His name was “Zero.” She began training and socially conditioning him to every aspect of his very new life as a pet and he is now CGC certified! Zero and Melanie are now certified by Therapy Dogs International (TDI) as a service dog & handler team. Together they visit hospitals together so that Zero can serve as a companion animal and put smiles on the faces of people who so very much appreciate his affection. In 2008, Melanie became a groomer’s assistant and began learning all there was to know about brushing/bathing/washing/drying/trimming and proper care associated with all breeds of dog. She began to apply her knowledge of handling and training techniques to her job and within a short time she began grooming professionally since 2009. Melanie also specializes training dogs in obedience and behavior modification. A common thread holds her separate experiences together, making her an unusual “breed” of groomer – she has always had her heart focused on working with the animals she adores.