Do you want to toilet training your new puppy properly?

Toilet training puppies

Toilet training puppies

Toilet training puppies may be done at any point in time but is best started as soon as the new puppy arrives at your house, however the later you start the more challenging the process will be and the longer it will take. You will need to decide which method you are going to employ to potty train puppy preferably before puppy gets home.

It is vital to be clear on the approach that is appropriate for you before you commence, to have a plan and stick to it. Altering how you teach or relaxing your enforcement of the training method will only confuse the puppy and make the process longer. You should expect the process to take around two to three months but when you are successful it is unlikely you will need to potty train puppy again.

There are a lot of ways and techniques that can be used for Toilet training puppies, and although these are not the only methods, most dog trainers and veterinarians suggest crate training or paper training. The method you use depends on a number of things. Aspects you may want to consider when selecting a puppy toilet training approach include your living situation, time available to train, physical capability and simply personal preference.

Paper training

The first method is paper training which is basically conditioning your puppy to potty only on newspaper. The newspaper is in an area that you designate, it is absorbent, cheap and easily available and is able to be collected and thrown away when used.

For those who reside in an apartment building or can’t get outside such as the ill or aged using this technique to Toilet training puppies is the best solution. It is best suited for small to medium puppies as the amount of waste from a bigger dog can be too much to manage. In addition, if you are planning to teach your puppy to potty outside but are unable to do so right now, such as in winter, it can be utilised as an interim approach.

Toilet training tips

Crate training

This method is generally accepted as the fastest. A few detractors have labelled it as cruel however most seem to disagree so you will have to determine if it is suitable for you and your puppy. The purpose of crate training is to segregate where the animal soils, leaving the rest of the house a playground for the animal and leaving a designated area as a place to “do it’s business”

Whichever method you choose the results are certainly worth the time and energy. Toilet training your puppy is not effortless, especially if it’s the first time however the key is to be consistent and persistent with whatever approach you adopt. A new puppy is one of the most lovable animals on the earth and especially when correctly taught is a wonderful addition to the family.

Puppy toilet training tips

Here are 5 essential puppy toilet training tips for you to bear in mind.

  • Puppies Have Weak Bladders

Until they are about six months old puppies have weak bladders and they will need to go to the toilet a lot, so be prepared for some accidents. If your puppy does accidentally leave a puddle (or worse) on your carpet, always clean it up immediately with suitable cleaning fluid to get rid of the smell. If the smell lingers your puppy will tend to think that’s their toilet and to go there again.

  • Always Look For The Signs

If you puppy starts sniffing the floor and going round in circles it is a good sign he wants to go to the toilet. Take him outside straightaway and praise him when he does his business. Never shout at your puppy or scold him when he has an accident. If you catch him in the act, just say a firm no and pick him up and take him outside. Never scold him after the event as your puppy will not realize what he has done wrong.

  • Anticipate Your Puppy’s Needs

Plan your puppy toilet training around his needs. Your puppy will need to go to the toilet about 20 minutes after eating his dinner. So take him outside around 20 minutes after he has finished eating and praise him when he goes. He will also need to be taken outside straight away after waking up in the morning. Puppies also need to go to the toilet after running around and getting excited, they are just like little children in this respect.

  • Designate A Toilet Area For Your Puppy

If you have a garden or back yard, you should designate a spot for your puppy to do his business.If possible choose a secluded spot so your puppy can be a bit private and feel safe. Dogs are like humans and like to be private when going to the toilet. Another tip for Toilet training puppies is always take your puppy to the same spot in the garden or back yard and in time he will learn that is the place for him to do his business and will go there automatically. This is especially important if you have children as you do not want your puppy to mess all over the garden.

Toilet training tips

  • Use Positive Reinforcement For Best Results

As stated above, positive reinforcement is a must for puppies and all dogs alike.Never shout at your puppy when he makes mistakes and certainly never smack your puppy or rub his nose in it. This will only make for a nervous dog and will result in a bad relationship between you and your puppy. Instead, have lots of patience with your puppy and praise and reward him for getting things right. This will lead to a close bond between you and your puppy and he will do his best to please you.

Puppy toilet training does take a lot of time, effort and patience but it will be well worth it in the end. Soon your puppy will grow up to be a dog you will be proud to own.

Do you want to toilet training your new puppy properly?
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