Advice For Training Your Dog

Advice For Training Your Dog

If you have a new puppy in your home and are not sure what to do about them going potty in the wrong place or chewing the table legs, then you need to learn a few pointers that help you and your puppy adjust to one another. The number one thing to have is patience. Your new puppy must learn how to live in your home just as a child learns the rules in the home. It takes patience, understanding and love to raise a child as well as train your new puppy.

Obedience Training Course

You can choose to start with an obedience class that you take along with your dog. A few local places that usually offer these courses include pet supply stores and the humane society. The courses will vary in costs, providing personal attention, and will offer various time commitments on your part. In most cases, the courses are affordable, offer your dog the opportunity to play with other dogs, and usually meet once per week in a park.

During these courses, your dog will learn basic commands such as heel, stay, and sit. You will learn how to use physical actions and verbal commands to train your dog. The course will be a training experience not only for the dog but for you as well. You will learn the basic commands and how to get your dog to understand the words along with the action you present. Once your dog does the proper action, you will praise him or her, smile and give him or her a treat.

Dog Training Tricks

Dogs are like young children in that their minds are like sponges, they want to learn and be praised for obeying. They love learning and receiving your praise, so they will work extra hard to do as they are told. The main thing is that you must also learn the right way to command the dog or he or she will become confused and not be trained properly.

Again just like children, praise and encouragement goes a long way. Pet your dog when he or she behaves the way you wish and follows your commands. The smallest feat should not be ignored. If they found the puppy pad and went to the bathroom, praise them for being a good girl or boy.

Remember to train throughout the day. Repetition is the best way to learn to ensure your dog learns the behavior you want him to possess and does not become bored. When given a new command, give him or her time to learn the command before moving onto a new command.

Chewing Dog Toys

Purchase chew toys and when your dog tries chewing on the furniture, shoes, or other items in the home, tell him or her no and provide them with something to chew on.

Advice For Training Your Dog
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