Best Time To Spay Or Neuter A Dog Or A Cat

Best Time To Spay Or Neuter A Dog Or A Cat

Find 10 different vets and they will give you 10 different answers on when is the best time to spay or neuter a dog or cat. It all depends on experiences and on personal opinion. There have been quite a lot of research into the issue, with some saying that early neutering or spaying has the potential to cause some problems, and others saying the opposite.

Then, there have been research that highlight the dangers of leaving it too late.As such, there is probably no “right” answer to this question. Early neutering remains highly controversial. Indeed, some are suggesting that it could cause problems to the joints and bones, in dogs, in particular. However, this was found to be a problem mainly in larger dog breeds, where these health issues are common anyway. Hence, it has become a question like the chicken and the egg, with nobody knowing where something started. A number of highly reputable studies have also demonstrated that there are no real adverse effects of early neutering, which can be done from as young as six weeks on some dogs. However, there is a chance that the legs will be slightly longer and that any muscle development becomes less masculine. As this is relatively new research, it isn’t clear whether or not these particular problems could also cause cancer.For dogs, it is generally accepted that dogs who are neutered before they are six months old tend to be less obese.

Best Time To Spay Or Neuter A Dog

Additionally, they don’t exhibit the typically male behaviors, such as fighting and jumping fences. This is why most vets will recommend early neutering in young dogs. For female dogs, it has been suggested by numerous studies that if they are spayed before they experience their first heat, their chance of developing breast cancer is significantly reduced. Breast cancer is far more common in dogs than other types of cancers. However, other studies now suggest that this reduction in risk remains so long as a female dog is spayed before she is two years old.In terms of cats, they can be spayed or neutered as early as eight weeks old.

Best Time To Spay Or Neuter A Cat

They should also weigh two pounds or more, in order to be able to go under an anesthetic. This process is known as pediatric neutering and spaying and is accepted all over the world. Indeed, the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) supports pediatric neutering and spaying. However, one reason for this is perhaps not so much for the health of cats but more because there is a huge population of stray cats and cats that live in shelters and have to be euthanized because people simply do not want them. Hence, it is more a preventative measure to counter over-population.

Best Time To Spay Or Neuter A Dog Or A Cat
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