Can dogs eat Jell-o?

can dogs eat jell-o

Can dogs eat Jell-o?

Are you a fan of Jell-O? Have you ever decide to enjoy some of it and saw that your dog’s ears perked up and he was focused on your plate, enticed by the colorful dessert in your hands?

Were you ever tempted to give your dog some of it just to stop their curiosity and let them have their fun and a small treat as well? Now, if you stopped there and looked up if dogs can eat this dessert or not then you made the right choice. If you gave your dog some and are just now looking up it is good or bad for them don’t worry, eating Jell-O won’t kill your dog, but it is not a habit that we recommend you enforce.

can dogs eat jello?Why do we say this? Well, Jell-O is packed with artificial flavoring and a whopping amount of sugar, sugar which can be bad for your dog if ingested in large quantities.

The short answer to this question is that you can give your dog a little bit of Jell-O once in a while but do not make this a habit since it can develop a host of nasty side effects.

Want to know just what Jell-O is made from? Well, today is your lucky day. Jell-O’s main ingredient is gelatin. Gelatin is obtained from boiling down bones, and animal hides to get out the collagen from them. So far so good, this ingredient sounds way better suited for dogs than it does for humans but the problem lies with all the artificial ingredient that is added to gelatin.

We are talking about artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors. Giving your dog something that has natural sugar in it won’t be a problem but once you replace natural sugar with the artificial version things start to take a turn for the worse.

The same things can be said for artificial flavors. Yes, our stomachs can digest artificial components (this does not mean that they are good or nutritious for us, but we can eat them without worrying), but the same things cannot be said for dogs.

If your dog really loves Jell-O that much then you can create a homemade version of it. There are numerous recipes online that are meant to create a similar product, using natural ingredients and powdered gelatin.

Whereas feeding your dog artificial sugar, sweeteners and flavors can take a turn for the worse on their health, replacing that with natural variants will be way better for them. Of course, we cannot stress enough the fact that this treat should yet again be given in moderation since too much sugar, be it natural, is still not good for your dog in the long run. The powdered gelatin that you may add to your homemade Jell-O will prove to be nutritious to your dog, with the added benefit of also tasting amazing!

Can dogs eat Jell-o?
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