Can dogs eat Jicama?

can dogs eat jicama
can dogs eat jicama

Can dogs eat jicama?

As a dog owner, I know how he/she gets when she’s full of food and in a playful mood. My most special moments are when I get home to a jumpy puppy,that is why I’m always in the mood to experiment with certain types of food, which is why I chose to share some thoughts and to answer the question of Can dogs eat Jicama?

In most homes today, there’s bound to be a dog. No matter the type of breed, the majority of the people around are falling in love with dogs day by day.

They are quite good companions. And for that reason, we always try to take better care of them. In that case, there’s are a number of foods you can feed your dog.

However, you need to be careful what you give your dog since it might cause an allergic reaction. Or in some cases, it might be poisonous to ingest such foods.

Even though some foods might not be poisonous to us, it may cause unforeseen damages to your dog.

Today, we are going to talk about jicama. In this article, therefore, we will focus on the health benefits and how jicama will affect your dog.

What is Jicama?

can dogs eat jicamaJicama is a type of Mexican vine that is native to the country. Who doesn’t love the taste of jicama? Seems like everyone is in love with this type of food.

You may be familiar with jicama since it’s usually cut into match-sticks or even served raw.

It’s a type of veggie that can also be cooked in different ways. Some of the suggestions I’ve had the chance to taste were either fried, boiled, sautéing or baked.

All in all, in all these different cooking routines, jicama manages to retain its crunchy texture and can readily absorb any flavors or sauces.

Jicama has been for many years a dietary element and medicinal in some communities. The word jicama is also the name given to the vine of this fruit. Although typically we eat the tuberous root of this plant. Other names that are given to this root include Mexican turnip or Mexican yam.

When we consider it’s binomial name, it is referred to as Pachyrhizus erosus. The root of this plant can grow to about 2 meters and the entire plant can weigh about 20kgs.

Jicama requires about 9 months without any frost to grow to its full size. Therefore, it requires a warm temperature. That makes Mexico and other surrounding states of America the ideal place for the growth of this plant.

History of jicama

The cultivation of jicama began in Mexico. Soon after, the cultivation of this plant moved to the Philippines. And from there on, it went to some parts of China and it has been popular ever since in Southeast Asia. The fruit has been a delicacy in Central America for centuries.

The scientific name of this fruit, Pachyrhizus erosus, is a Greek name that means thick root. In most cases, jicama doesn’t flourish in frost areas. In the USA, jicama is grown in Puerto Rico, Florida, and Hawaii.  

Where jicama is commonly found

 Jicama is common in Mexico, USA and especially common in Southeast Asia.

Is it safe for dogs to eat jicama?

is it safe for dogs to eat jicamaIf you were wondering if dogs can eat Jicama then the answer is Yes. Dogs can eat jicama. You can either give her fresh or baked jicama. However, you should note that only the roots of jicama are edible. Therefore, the rest of the parts of jicama can lead to unhealthy effects on both humans and dogs.

Health benefits of jicama

Jicama is a good source of nutritional values to your dog. Though the veggie has low levels of calories, it might be a good idea to feed your dog jicama.

If you are planning to give your dog this delicacy, you can try giving her puree jicama once in a while which will help with digestion.

Let’s take a look at why you should feed your dog jicama. For one, jicama is an incredible source of fiber. It’s common knowledge that foods that are derived from the roots of plants are actually rich in fibers. Therefore, with every 200 grams of jicama, your dog will receive about 10 grams of fiber.

Dietary fiber will do wonders in the digestive system of your dog. The fiber will smoothen the process of digestion hence making it a vital necessity to your dog.

What’s more, jicama is also a good source of potassium, magnesium, and iron which are all important to your dog’s health.

Nutritional facts about jicama

can dogs eat jicamaAside from the above health benefits of jicama to your dog, here is a breakdown of some of the nutritional facts on the same;

  1. Jicama has high levels of nutrients, for instance, vitamin C, riboflavin, calcium, zinc and phosphorus. On top of that, it also has high levels of fiber and water. These are essential in the development of your dog.
  2. Jicama has high levels of prebiotic fiber which is used by bacteria in your body hence resulting in health benefits.
  3. Jicama reduces the risks of getting cancer in humans.
  4. Jicama helps in weight loss. If your dog is suffering from too much weight, then adding a bit of jicama is her diet once in while might help you reduce her weight.
  5. Jicama is also a good way to diversify the diet of your dog. She might be tired of her normal diet. And for that reason, it’s high time you add more flavor to her diet plan.

How to cook jicama

If you are settled with the fact that jicama might be a good food for your dog, then let’s talk about how best to give it to your dog. Though occasionally, it might be a good idea to feed your dog raw jicama, it’s always best if you cook it first.

Dogs are not good when it comes to chewing their food. They will swallow it whole. Therefore, it might prove difficult for your dog to swallow raw veggies.

If you need your dog to digest the jicama more readily, then it’s probably a good idea if you cook it first. Also as discussed earlier, you can choose to puree the jicama.

In summary

As we have learned from the above facts, it’s actually a good idea to feed your dog with jicama. Don’t forget that you should at least puree or cook the veggie so that she can properly digest the nutrients.

Well, that’s it, guys. Both you and your dog can enjoy this incredible delicacy. Stay tuned for more interesting facts.

Can dogs eat Jicama?
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