Can dogs eat tofu?

can dogs eat tofu

Can dogs eat Tofu?

Vegetarians and vegans swear by tofu. It is delicious, and it can be added and cooked in so many ways that it can be part of every meal. This is the perfect source of protein if you do not want to get your protein from meat, but can dogs eat Tofu?

You can give your dog a small quantity of tofu but know that it is not recommended to include it in their diet. There are a number of reasons for that. First of all, your dog might actually be allergic to soy, meaning that they can get an allergic reaction when they eat tofu which can manifest itself from something as simple as vomiting and having a little bit of indigestion to more dangerous ways that can threaten their lives, depending on just how allergic they are to it.

Even if your dog isn’t really allergic to tofu, you should not feed them tofu regularly. Yes, if they are not allergic, they won’t get sick from it but what they will get is gas. Ingesting soy protein is unnatural for dogs, and it will lead to bloating and them being gassy.

can dogs eat tofuPlease keep in mind that getting bloated is a leading cause of death for dogs and is actually more common than you think. You can give them a small piece of tofu if they really beg for it but no more, to prevent them from having nastier side effects.

Dog food manufacturers have started to switch from adding meat protein to their food and switching it with soy protein. Their main reason for doing this is the fact that soy protein is way cheaper to buy and use in food. However, the problem with that is that it is unnatural for dogs to eat it.

Think about it like this: dogs used to be predators; do you think that their distant cousins (wolves, coyotes) would enjoy a meal of tofu instead of something that is good for their carnivorous diet?

Now, if you are a vegan or a vegetarian, you may not want to give your dog meat, but please take into account that dogs are carnivorous, meaning that they must have meant in their diets in order to get the nutrients and minerals that they need in order to survive.

Please do not ignore this and decide to get your dogs on a diet that is unnatural due to your own beliefs. Respect your pets and buy them the food that contains the animal protein and all the nutrients that they require to be strong and healthy in the long run! It is only the right thing that you can do for them!

Can dogs eat tofu?
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