Can dogs eat uncooked rice? Let’s take a look

can dogs eat uncooked rice

Can dogs eat uncooked rice?

There are a lot of things that you can give your dog. However, rice is not on that list, uncooked rice at least. Under normal circumstances no one would give their dog uncooked rice since even for us humans uncooked rice ingested can lead to constipation or even indigestion.

Yes, most dogs can eat a lot of the things that we do without any problems, even including raw meat, something that us humans can’t really eat. There are really little to no situations under which you can accidentally give your dog uncooked rice.

If you keep your rice in a place where your dog can reach it, you may find yourself one day having to deal with your pet having eaten uncooked rice. If this has happened, please pay extreme attention to what we are going to tell you. This is very important.

can dogs eat uncooked riceUncooked rice can easily soak up the moisture in the dog’s stomach and lead to indigestion and constipation, as we have mentioned. What you must take into account is the size of the dog and how much rice they ingested. Now, if they ate a very small quantity, you must keep them under close supervision and contact your vet immediately.

You might think of trying to make your dog vomit the rice that they ate. However, do not attempt to do that without asking your vet if you can and how to do it!

We must repeat this. If your dog ate uncooked rice call your vet immediately. They will probably ask you to bring the pet in for them to assess if the damage s substantial or if they are okay. Please do as your vet says and do not rely on advice about your dog’s health from the internet.

If the amount of uncooked rice that your dog ate was substantial, then please bring them to a vet immediately. In a best-case scenario they may come out unscathed from this experience, but uncooked rice can lead to a host of serious problems for your dog, one of them being organ failure.

Preventing our dogs from accidentally eating uncooked rice?

First of all, do not store rice in a container that is easy to access. You may think that putting it in a Tupperware container on the counter may sound like it is safe enough but your dog may find your way in there eventually if they are determined enough.

Store your rice in containers that are difficult to open by pets and put them in cupboards or storage cabinets that are high up, where your dog cannot reach them and eat uncooked rice by accident. As it is the case with any food that is not good for dogs, keeping it as far away from them as possible is the best safety precaution that you can take!

Can dogs eat uncooked rice? Let’s take a look
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