Energy, Hydration & Oxygen Booster Save Your Dog’s Life

Energy, Hydration & Oxygen Booster Save Your Dog's Life

For 25 years, we’ve helped create landmark Nutritional supplements that have improved the performance of millions of human athletes. We know sports drinks, having helped develop CYTOMAX, the award winning sports drink for humans.Building on this success–and new canine research—GO DOG is the first total performance drink for dogs. GO DOG increases performance…and fun!


Every dog benefits from GO DOG, not just canine athletes. Whatever the activity, GO DOG improves comfort, safety and, of course, performance.

Recreational: Fun walks & daily exercise is more comfortable, fun and safe.

Extreme: Agility, Flyball, Shutzhund, sled and other performance dogs find that elusive extra gear & second wind that defines winners. • Show: Maintain energy & focus when others fade.


Each ingredient in GO DOG is made more effective by Nobel Prize winning science. GO DOG contains OxyBoost, the first natural canine vasodilator, medically proven to relax and expand blood vessels. Increased circulation improves oxygen and energy delivery, recovery-even hydration.


GO DOG strengthens all 3 metabolic links to total peak performance.Improve Physical Performance. Increase energy production in slow and fast twitch muscle fibers; maintain higher output longer. Rapid & slow release fuels generate higher muscle ATP, boosting strength and power. Enhanced lactic acid & ammonia clearance reduces fatigue & the “burn”, extending endurance. Finally, enhanced oxygen delivery increases “air” (more V02 max remaining) & raises anaerobic threshold.• Improve Mental Performance. Raised oxygen and glucose delivery to the brain, plus neurotransmitter & hydration support, maintains mental focus even under the most grueling conditions.• Improve Field Performance. Improve tracking ability to detect and follow scents for hours when others weaken.


GO DOG protects muscle from exercise-induced breakdown and damage. The harder the exercise, the more muscle broken down for energy, and the more damaged. GO DOG contains factors proven to protect canine muscle, ensuring exercise is beneficial.


Increased oxygen delivery, hydration, and lactic acid clearance make exercise more fun and comfortable. GO DOG helps prevent F.R.I.S. (Fatigue Related Injury Syndrome) occurring in tired dogs. Plus, GO DOG helps “beat the heat” in hot temperatures to make exercise safer.


GO DOG promotes faster, total recuperation. The result is a fresher, fully recovered dog ready to exercise. Complex carbohydrates recharge muscle and liver glycogen. Adaptogens reduce stress hormones, creatine kinase and toxic free radicals, speeding cellular repair.Directions:Pour the recommended number of scoops into a standard 21oz water bottle almost filled with clean water. Shake and you’re ready to improve you dog’s performance, fun and saftey!Normal Conditions

Energy, Hydration & Oxygen Booster Save Your Dog’s Life
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