Learning How To Keep Dogs Alive By Using Dog Treats Made In The USA

Learning How To Keep Dogs Alive By Using Dog Treats Made In The USA

There have been hundreds of reports of dogs dying from eating treats created in China. This is the most important reason consumers should buy dog treats made in the USA. To understand why purchasing dog products manufactured in America will keep canines healthier than Chinese products, people must understand the situation in China.

Over 70% of dog treats sold in America come from China. As a matter of fact, a very large percentage of everything sold in America is produced in China. This is not a good thing for United States citizens because everything being produced becomes very low quality. This is especially bad when it comes to food production. Unregulated food production quickly makes the consumers and animals eating it sick.

China is an extremely overpopulated country. Because of this, they have extremely polluted living conditions. They feed about 22% of the planets human population with just 7% of the worlds farm able land. The Chinese enjoy consuming dark meat over white meat, so they use the white meat in dog food.This would not become an issue if the cuts of meat were not contaminated. Since China is so overpopulated and dirty with all of the chemicals and pesticides being sprayed everywhere, they would not use clean healthy cuts of meat in a dog treat. Instead they would use those pieces of meat for human consumption.

It is said that Chinese people have sold animals deemed unhealthy for human consumption anyway. Poultry has been the main dog treat making American dogs sick causing many to perish. Dried chicken strips are manufactured in this unsafe country from unhealthy birds. Many Chinese farmers do not trust the people selling them their pesticides. It is for this reason that they use 3 to 5 times the recommended amount of chemicals on their crops to ensure that insects do not ruin their crop. They would rather poison the food and make money than lose the crop and lose their income.

The way these chickens are getting sick is mainly through their food supply. There are a multitude of problems occurring within the country in regards to the agricultural industry. These events lead to factors that make their animals sick. However, the highly concentrated pesticides being sprayed on the chicken feed is the main culprit.Another contributing factor leading to unhealthy birds is the fillers in which farmers add to their feed in order to save money. Filling the chicken feed with additives hazardous to bird health directly affects the lives of dogs in America. This is because the chemicals eaten by the birds do not dilute or leave the meat in any way. The meat is then consumed by the animals eating the product, in this case dogs.

One important thing people can do to keep their dogs safe is to always purchase dog treats made in the USA. America has much higher health standards and will ensure the livelihood of animals consuming these types of products. Dog owners living in the United States can also ensure that they are supporting their country as it supports the economy to purchase their own products.You can find the best dog treats made in the USA by visiting our web pages at www.happydogstreats.com right now. To obtain information about the high-quality ingredients we use, click the links at http://www.happydogstreats.com today.

Learning How To Keep Dogs Alive By Using Dog Treats Made In The USA
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