Why Organic dog food is better – The healthier alternative

organic dog food

Organic Dog food – the healthier alternative

Organic dog food is becoming more and more popular nowadays as it’s considered to now only be good for your health but also environmentally friendly which in today’s world of ‘clean and green’ is a factor.

In general, the price of organic dog food is somewhat more expensive than that of normal dog food but it is money well spent as a healthy diet is the key factor in keeping your dog healthy and by your sides for many years to come.

What is organic dog food?

By definition, ‘organic’ dog food pertains to dog food that contains no preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides. Many believe that these substances, which touch much of the food we humans ourselves eat, contribute to the rise in illnesses.

Organic dog foods contain more nutrients more than non-organic pet foods. This is especially important, considering that the nutrients in the processing are excessively degraded and that the pet food should be supplemented with low-quality synthetic nutrients to provide a certain amount of food to dogs, cats or other pets.

Organic dog food is good if it is done well. Of course, the best organic dog food is freshly prepared at home. However, this may be challenging, given the time constraints of the modern world.

Although USDA certified organic dog foods are a great choice, there are big differences in quality among the many available choices. Most of these differences are due to the quality of the ingredients used.

Although lower ingredients, such as by-products or other undefinable ingredients, may not be included in USDA-certified organic dog foods, there are several important nutritional differences associated with the choice of ingredients by the manufacturer.

Organic dog food should not contain grains or flour as the first or primary ingredients. Dogs did not evolve to eat grains, whether raw or cooked. Although cooking will make grain becomes digestible through the dog’s gastrointestinal tract, cooking also destroys many constituent nutrients; Often, only empty calories are left with little or no nutritional content.

Why is organic better?

Organic is better because the food is being produced on an organic farm without any use of synthetic chemicals, or GMO’s. Recent studies have proven conclusively that organic foods are higher in nutrient content than conventional foods, as well as being free of pesticide residues, additives, and preservatives.

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Is it more expensive?

Organic dog food on average costs between $200 and $1000 per year for a thirty-pound bag every month to two months.

Benefits of Organic dog food

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of putting your dog on a dog food that is organic.

  • Improve Your Dogs Health and Energy 

First of all, you’ll find that your dogs are healthier, have more energy, and are closer to their target weight when you put them on organic dog food. While your plump dog may be adorable, there are many complications that dogs can suffer when they are overweight.

Using dog food that is organic will provide your dog with the nutrients he needs without putting on too much weight. Your dog will also feel fuller and eat less, keeping a healthier weight.

  • Get Rid of Allergies and Skin problems 

Many dogs deal with skin problems and allergies, and you may have tried a variety of solutions to try and help your dog out. Chances are you can get rid of many of these allergies and skin problems if you change your dog’s food to organic food.

Since there are no flavor enhancers, colorings, pesticides, or chemicals in the organic foods for dogs, you probably can get rid of the allergies, since these factors may be the problem. So, not only will your dog get great nutrition, but he may get rid of the allergies too.

  • Fewer Problems with Digestion 

Dogs that are put on organic dog food also usually have fewer problems with digestion. Organic food is more digestible since there are great proteins and fewer artificial ingredients that may cause a problem.

If your dog occasionally deals with diarrhea or vomits, you may want to consider trying out a new organic food for your dog. However, if the problems persist, make sure that you see a vet.

  • Longer Life 

Dogs that eat organic dog food instead of other common types of dog food out there today will certainly live a lot longer. Just think about it. Your diet affects how long you live as well as the quality of your life.

In the same way, it can affect your dogs’ life in the same ways. When your dog eats food that is organic, you can provide him with a healthy life that will be long. So, you’ll get more time to enjoy life together when you go organic today.

Why You Should Feed Your Dog Organic Dog Food

  • Non-Toxic.

Good organic dog food products are free of harmful chemicals that can lower your dog’s immunity and compromise his health. Liver and kidney failure can result if your pet’s system is exposed to too many toxic chemicals, particularly when they also are not obtaining adequate nutrition.

Just by avoiding harmful additives and exposure to poisonous chemicals, your dog will be much better off. By also feeding him a highly nutritious, natural product, you are making it possible for him to live a long and healthy life.

  • Nutritionally Sound.

A genuine organic dog food product will not only be as natural as possible and organic, it will contain high-quality ingredients that offer your dog sound nutrition.

The internet is a great place to source quality organic dog food products. Read the information carefully. Do they use whole grains? Do they guarantee high-quality protein? Do they offer any guarantees to consumers? The best products are likely to be made by small manufacturers whose business is serving the best needs of your pet.

organic dog food

  • Your Dog Will Be Happier.

At the end of the day, don’t we all want our pets to have happy lives? If your dog eats a healthy diet, he will have more energy and naturally be more active. This is the cycle leading to good health.

If your dog is suffering from any degenerative illness that is diet related, it is possible to reverse it with a healthy, balanced diet and exercise.

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What are your thoughts? have you considered putting your dog on Organic Dog Food?

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Why Organic dog food is better – The healthier alternative
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