Positive Health For Dogs

Positive Health For Dogs

As you walk through your supermarket and your pet supply store, the array of pet foods can bewilder anyone. The cute names, like “Stew” and “Feast,” and “Soup” are created to attract you; the colors and shapes are also there for you. But buying a food for your dogs and cats based on the packaging or the cute names and even more delightful shapes does not guarantee quality. The food may contain more fillers, colorings, additives and chemicals than nutrients. Short term feeding of an inferior food may not induce immediate health problems, but long term feeding of nutrient poor, over processed, unbalanced pet foods will definitely cause malnutrition, and chronic diseases. It is certainly more cost effective to pay more money for a high quality pet food and save on veterinary bills.

The problem is to wade through the advertising and marketing gimmicks to find a food that meets or exceeds your pet’s daily nutritional requirements. Scientists tell us that to determine your pet’s needs, you must know the percentage of protein, fat, moisture, fiber, ash, calcium, phosphorus, and so on to select the right foods. To compare between canned food which has more flavor, or dry foods, you must multiply the label nutrient values by salmon oil, dog immune problems, IBD, IBS, dog digestive problems, dog cancer, dog renal problems, dog health problems, parasites, dog skin problems, dog raw food, dog diabetes to get dry matter basis for canned foods.

For example, take a label value of “5% protein” x 4 = 20% on a dry matter basis. For dry foods: Add 10% of the label nutrient values to get dry matter basis. For example, take a label value of “20% protein” + 2 = 22% on a dry matter basis.The new, popular raw food diets also require calculations and planning. You must know the protein, carbohydrate, fat, and water contents of each food, plus the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes) of foods in order to provide the nutrients your pet must have.

If you enjoy these calculations and have time to map out a proper dietary menu, you still need a high quality vitamin/mineral supplement because many areas of the country lack soil nutrients. Foods grown in nutrient poor soils will produce foods that are not as nutrient dense as others. That means you may think you are providing optimum nutrition but, in fact, you may not. Selenium is a good example of this poor soil factor. Selenium deficiency is accepted as a cause for human inflammatory bowel disease and even pancreatic cancer.

Selenium works synergistically with iodine for normal thyroid function and this mineral is an important anti-carcinogen normally found in meats, Brazil nuts and some whole grains. Animals that graze on selenium poor soil will not contain sufficient amounts of selenium when they are killed for food. Though the government tells us that beef, chicken, turkey and some dairy products are sources of selenium, they may not be fed grains from selenium rich soils, therefore, your dog will not be getting enough selenium.

There is a way to assure your pet’s nutritional needs are met: add “Positive Health” liquid to each meal. We have created an easy to use liquid supplement. Just add the recommended amount into the canned food, kibble, or raw food and serve. Your dog or cat will thoroughly enjoy this all natural supplement; it is so palatable to dogs and cats that you can use it as treat by the spoonful. Positive Health is a powerhouse of nutrition in a delicious tasting Wild Salmon Oil base. Use Positive Health as an addition to every diet? canned foods, raw foods and commercial kibbles. Just a small amount a day into your animals’ food will provide an amazing amount of active nutrients.

Malnourished animals suffer from a variety of health problems. Digestive problems like malabsorption or bowel diseases, feline hairballs, recurring parasites, urinary disorders, immune-mediated diseases, endocrine problems including low thyroid function in dogs and hyperthyroid disease in cats, plus other endocrine disorders can be minimized or even eradicated with Positive Health. When you supply the active nutrients the body needs to grow, thrive, and maintain optimum health, your pet can escape the triggers that cause these breakdowns.

Positive Health is great for pregnant females, helping to alleviate birth problems, and it is rich in natural folic acid which is needed for fetal development. Why guess at nutrition?give them a small amount of Positive Health and then you know you are supplying everything that nature has created for their care.


  • Supreme liquid supplement
  • Wild salmon & organic coconut oil base
  • Add to canned food / raw food / kibble diets
  • Pet supplement
  • No chemically derived ingredients!
  • Good for ALL animals
  • No fillers or synthetics
  • No refrigeration needed
Positive Health For Dogs
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