Potty Training Your Dog The Easy Way

Potty Training Your Dog The Easy Way

This is an easy way to housebreakyour puppy and It Works. Just follow along with the easy steps below. 1,2,3, and your done.If you are planning on keeping a puppy in the home your going to have to train him.

otty training or “housebreaking” is one of the first training leasons you will want to know. If you have the right method things can go alot smother for both you and your puppy. You’ll need to spend as much time with the new puppy as possible. You’ll learn your puppies personality and see how different he is form other dogs you may have had or met in the past. Your puppy has a unique personality just like all people have different personalities and mannerisms.

Training your new best friend. Yes, even the dreaded potty training can be made less agravaiting if you know how to go about it. Follow these simple steps and you will see what I mean. You’ll be spending a lot of time with him or her over the next few weeks so why not make housebreaking more enjoyable. (No more messes to clean up.) Ready? Good. Lets get started.

Housebreaking step 1

First become aware of your new puppy. There are various conditions and activities that will stimulate the dog to have to go potty. Obviously drinking is one. Eating puts pressure on the bladder. Playing also helps to stimulate the bladder. Waking up from a nap usually means getting outside to go potty, quick. Start by conditioning your puppy to understand your words. Say out or outside, potty or what ever you pick to call it. Keep it simple one word is best. Always use this word when taking him outside. He will soon learn to associate that word with relieving himself. Later when he has the hang of it, you can say, “come on lets go outside” or “lets go potty”, and he will figure what it is you want. But for now make it a simple command. Housebreaking will be a rewarding experience for you both

The next thing you want to do in housebreaking him, is train him where outside your want him to “go”. No one likes to have to walk through poop to get to the door and come in. (Need a pooper scooper or an Underground Waste Digester?) I live in the country and my dogs usually go in the field away from the house and yard. Well not all of them. I have one that I rescued when she was about 4 and her “trainer” didn’t do a very good job with housebreaking her. She will go wherever and just about when ever she wants. I have tried paper training her and sometimes she will use it but then just dig the paper up and make a bigger mess. This is very frustrating so please take the time to do a good job while housebreaking. You both will be much happier for the rest of your time together. Your pup will learn this area as the spot to “go” soon. The smells of his previous elimination’s will help him to recognize the site. For the first week or two, go ahead and leave the poop in the area in the yard. After he’s learnt where to go, start picking it up. It’s best to clean up every day. Sometimes this gets to be to much with our busy schedules. Try to get it picked up at least three times a week. It will help cut back on parasites too.

Always, and I mean always praise your puppy when he goes in the right spot. Housebreaking is much more fun if you can provide treats (good quality dog treat) or you can just say “good boy” or “girl, way to go”. A nice pat on the head or a ruffling of the fur is also good and enjoyable for both of you. When he starts sniffing around or perhaps turning in circles as some animals do before they go, mildly praise him and give another command such as “potty”, “go”, or even “hurry up”. They will learn this also and associate it with elimination. Housebreaking can be fun. It will give you plenty of time to build the relationship. It is best at first to take him out every one to two hours and give him a chance to go. If he doesn’t do anything don’t get discouraged. He most likely just doesn’t have to go. Try again in a short period of time. Just like a child all of a sudden the urge strikes and they just can’t wait. Be Patient. Be Persistent. This is the “PP method”. (Patient and Persistent.) The time will come when they tell you (in doggy language), “Hay Jack, I gotta go dump” or something like that.

Housebreaking step 2

Feed your puppy at a scheduled time. Most puppies will need to go potty within the hour after eating. This will help in timing. It gives you an edge so to speak. It is best NOT to feed your puppy a large meal before bed or a time you will be gone. Try to make a feeding at least three hours before bed. I just hate having to get up in the middle of the night to let a pet out to go pee pee or poo. Seeing I’m up I go potty too. Then I hit the kitchen on the way through, grab some cookies. Heck, I went potty in my spot too. No one there to pet me or fluff my hair so I eat cookies. Not a good thing this getting up in the night for me.
Anyway, give him food two or three times a day and leave it down for him for about 30 minutes. If he doesn’t eat it pick it up and serve again at the next scheduled feeding. He will soon get the hang of this and learn to eat when served or he will loose out. This method (after he is trained) is also a great way to see how your dog is feeling. If you pick up his dish and its full a few times in a row, why? This could be your first clue to some medical problem. Time to watch him close to see what else is going on with your Best Friend. Check out the Pet Health tab for more on health concerns. for some information that may help you. Always leave water down for your pet except at night. I like to pick it up so there aren’t any accidents. Watch him close after he drinks he will need to pee. It seems they can always pee. Remember, the “PP method”. (Patient and Persistent.)

Until your puppy is house trained you will need to keep him in site 100% of the time. Only when there hasn’t been any accidents for 4-8 weeks in the house is your puppy housebroken. A good way to keep him by your side is with a leach tied to yourself. I don’t mean you have to keep your puppy tied to your side 24/7 but a leash helps to keep him from wondering off when you are busy doing something like the dishes or laundry. Just watch out for him so you don’t get tangled and fall or step on him. I myself am not to fond of this method but for some it works. Just don’t forget about him and his needs. He will wonder and relieve himself and not think twice about it. I know it is not always possible to watch him 100% of the time. You have to sleep, work and play. So when you can’t keep your eyes on him confine him to an area. A crate is a good companion for you and him. But don’t leave your pet confined to a crate for longer than he can physically control himself. 4 hours or so, or this will course big problems. See the crate training chapter in Dog Days tab. If a crate isn’t for you (or him), confine him to a small area in the home that can be just for him. Make sure it is “pet safe”. Always take him outside just before confinement and bed time.
If you are to be away for long periods of time, more than 4 hours confine him to a larger area such as a small room or a exercise pen.The area should be big enough for him to go potty and have a place away from the mess to sleep, eat and play. Dogs do not like to live in there own feces and unless not given a choice will choose not to eliminate themselves in “their area”. Put some newspaper in the area you think he will choose to go potty. This makes clean up faster. Always CLEAN UP. If he chooses a different spot move the paper. Don’t get aggravated. Don’t forget the “PP method”. Make confinement time fun and rewarding. Not a punishment. Don’t let him think that its a bad thing. Give him a treat. Play with him in his area. Even try sitting quietly nearby while he is resting in “his area”. Housebreaking step 3 OK, what to do when he makes a mess in the house? First thoroughly clean the area. Use a good commercial product that eliminates odor. Saturate a carpeted area with an odor neutralizing product. Just spraying the area is not effective. If your pup keeps returning to the crime seen, lock him out of the room. Use a baby gate if a door is not there. If this isn’t possible try moving the furniture by putting a chair or couch over the spot. Try placing your puppies food dishes, bedding or toys were he is making the mess. Remember most animals don’t like to soil in their area.

There will be mistakes. That is only natural. It usually takes some time to housebreak a animal. It will not help either one of you to get upset and yell at your pet. Keep your cool and remember “PP.” Punishment and harsh discipline wont work either. ONLY when you catch your puppy in the “act” should you be corrective. Don’t be to harsh. Use a firm voice and say “NO”. You can stomp a foot on the floor, clap your hands or tug on the leash if he’s on one. The idea is to just get their attention when he is going on the floor in the house. After getting their attention say in your most sternest voice “no, no potty in house. Naughty girl” (or boy). Then take them outside to their spot and say “potty” or whatever your command words are. Do not try to frighten your puppy. This can destroy the bond between the two of you. If you do this he will learn fast just not to go potty in front of you. He’ll sneak off and not let you see. Oh and don’t think of rubbing his nose in the mess. He will not understand what you are doing and will only be confused. Also he will only learn to be afraid of you for your harsh behavior. How many times have you seen a dog stop at a pile of poo and sniff it. They don’t have the same social responses we do. Some dogs will squat and pee due to excitement of your approach at coming home. Don’t scold them. It will not help. This problem is typically due to them being nervous or excited. Sometimes even in a trained animal frequent urination occurs. This could be due to a bladder infection or some other urinary problem. Talk this over with your vet. A product call Proin may be all he needs.

I hope you have enjoyed this chapter on housebreaking and find it useful with your training. Good luck to you both in all your housebreaking efforts. Don’t forget to play. That’s the best part of having a dog. Always remember PP, it works in anything you do.

Potty Training Your Dog The Easy Way
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