The Safest Dogs For Babies

The Safest Dogs For Babies

It is a lovely thing to have a pet in the home, even if you have babies or toddlers. However, it is important to understand that dogs can be aggressive animals, and there are a few that simply do not mix well with kids. Before you start shopping for a puppy, or go to the shelter therefore, you should look into the different breeds and their characteristics. Although it is always best to go to a shelter if you can, you do have to be aware that dogs in there could have been mistreated, meaning they don’t behave as their breed normally does. Hence, you must be doubly careful. Let’s take a look at some breeds that are known to be good with kids.

Firstly, there are the Labradors. Black, Brown and Yellow Labradors

They come in gold, black and yellow and they are incredibly popular family pets. This is because they don’t have too much energy (after they become adults at least) and have a wonderful nature. They are loyal and it is easy to train them. They are also incredibly affectionate and they get along with all other types of pets as well.Similarly, the Golden Retriever is equally popular.

Golden Retrievers

They are highly intelligent, have great manners and a lot of patience and gentleness. Furthermore, these dogs are fiercely protective of kids. However, they need quite a bit of exercise and their fur requires a lot of grooming. Then, there is the Collie.


It is likely that you will have seen the old Lassie movies, which tells you just how loyal and friendly this breed is. They were actually bred not just for herding sheep and cattle, but to look after them as well. This is still very clear in their instinct. They also have a very strong sense of hearing and sight and although they are playful, they are also very gentle. They are highly protective about their pack, as well as being easy to train and very intelligent, thus, making them great family pets.Finally, there is the Beagle.

The Safest Dogs For Babies

This is a very sensitive dog that has strong feelings of compassion and love. They have a mild temper, are a lot of fun and have a great deal of patience. However, they absolutely love to dig, so if you have a garden and not much time to walk your beagle, then you may just find your garden destroyed by your dog. These dogs absolutely adore getting petted, and they love nothing more than kids who stroke their fur and ears for hours on end. The fact that the beagle is a small dog also helps, which means that children aren’t generally overwhelmed by them and they can live comfortably in small spaces.

The Safest Dogs For Babies
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