Tips for Finding the Best Insurance for Dogs and Cats

Tips for Finding the Best Insurance for Dogs and Cats

If you are looking for insurance for your pets then you must have realized already that it can be just as complicated as getting insurance for humans. There are so many options and choices that are available it is really difficult to pick the right one to use. In order to help you out here are some tips that you can use in identifying the best insurance for dogs and other pets:

The Company

Pet insurance has been around for more than 25 years now in the United States and it has been steadily gaining round in the last few years. Despite that fact there are still comparatively few companies that offer this kind of service. The first thing you have to check into about an insurance company is how long it has been in the business.

How Stable Is It Financially?

There are many companies that have ventured into the field of pet insurance and many of them have folded, so don’t put yourself in a situation where you sign up with an insurance company that is in danger of closing down. Check the claims of the companies about their strength and experience. They might be making those claims on the strength of their experiences in other countries and that means they have little experience of doing business within the United States.

Knowledge Of Their Professionals

Another good way of telling if a pet insurance company is any good is by scrutinizing the kind of people that they have for assisting you. Are they knowledgeable? Are they helpful? Their staff should have veterinary knowledge not to mention knowledge about the insurance industry. The company should also have a veterinarian on their staff. You can usually tell if the company can take care of all your pet insurance needs just by inquiring about the kind of personnel that they have.


Sometimes a vet or some other professional can make a recommendation for good pet insurance. Ask them for further information about the kind of pet insurance or pet insurance company that they are suggesting to you. If you can find out if they are receiving any payment from the company that might affect your decision. It is hard to be truly objective when you’re getting kickbacks. If they are just recommending it because they trust the insurance company then check it out.


Some policies limit you to visiting certain veterinarian and/or network of clinics, but the best insurance for dogs and cats allow you to visit any clinic where you want to take you animals to.

Preventive Care

Some pet insurance companies offer coverage for preventive procedures and treatments. These are usually amongst the better companies, so look for those that offer that kind of coverage. Preventive care is very important in the health of you pets. It can also save you more money in the future.

Coverage When Traveling

Check if the company offers coverage when you are traveling and your pet gets injured or needs to be treated. Some insurance offers coverage during these periods so you need not worry about their care when you are out traveling with them in foreign lands.

Keep these things in mind when looking for the best pet insurance and you be relieved if – knock on wood – you need to use that coverage.

Tips for Finding the Best Insurance for Dogs and Cats
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