Top 10 dog names – Male/Female

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Top 10 dog names

It surely is exciting to add a new member in the family, whether it’s a newborn infant or simply one of those four-legged furry critters we love to play around with. For the latter, if you want to purchase a new pet for yourself, one of the most fun parts to look forward to is coming up with pet names. Here are our top 10 dog names for you to get the juices flowing for naming the new addition to the family.

Despite the fact that this can be somewhat of a challenge, especially with the multitude of names to choose from (and believe me, there are a lot of fascinating and truly unique ones), there’s always something that would fit your furry best friend quite well. In fact, because of the number of pet names around, you have absolutely no limits in the possibilities. Besides, our pet dogs are practically going to be spending the rest of their lives with us for the next 10-20 years, and we’d want to call them a lot of the time.

Of course, there are many things which you need to consider before coming up with a name. Before you read out top 10 dog names list you should consider – breed, size, personality and overall appearance of your dog. You can always choose a name that would be easy to pronounce and one that would be favorable to the rest of the household and simply a cute name, but you may also want to stick to something that’s more trendy or traditional.

The name you choose for your dog is both a reflection of him and you. While you can have all the “creative license” in the world when naming a pet, picking that perfect and creative dog name – one that will be used thousands of times over your dog’s lifetime – can seem a little overwhelming if you have no idea what direction to go in.

Naming Tips:

  • Don’t name your dog similar to a command you will be using. This will just confuse the dog and cause you frustration in training.
  • Don’t name it anything embarrassing that you won’t want to say in public or tell your vet. A name might be funny for a few days but avoid the temptation.
  • Don’t feel like you have to name your new puppy the first day. Take some time and get to know your new puppy and see what names fits.

Below is a list of our top 10 dog names along with their meanings. Maybe you’ll find the perfect name for your new four-legged friend.


  • Buddy

Meaning: Messenger

This name has long been, and is likely to remain, on the list of most popular names. Even people who do not name their dog Buddy often end up using it as a nickname.

  • Baxter

Meaning: A baker

How a name that means “baker” came to be a popular name for dogs will likely stay a mystery. While less popular that it once was, this name is still a fairly common one.

  • Bruno

Meaning: Having brown hair

While the name means “to have brown hair” for many, it evokes images of a heavy white bulldog. The name is a great option for any strong and awkward looking breed.

  • Sparky

Meaning: Lively

This name has been popular for a long time and received an extra boost when the creators of the popular animated series South Park gave this name to one of the character’s dogs.

  • Riley

Meaning: Valiant

While this name has traditionally been for boy dogs, in recent years it has been used for both male and female dogs.


  • Pixie

Meaning: Playful, fairy like

This is a good name for a dog that is small in stature. It would be a good fit for any of the toy breeds. Some very large dog owners called their dog Pixie to show their sense of humor.

  • Molly

Meaning: This name is the Irish version of Mary

Because the name is distinctly Irish, it is an obvious choice for the Irish settler, perhaps too obvious. This name continues to make the list of the best names for female dogs, and its use is certainly not limited to a specific race.

  • Jasmine

Meaning: A lovely, pleasant smelling flower

If you let your little girl choose her dog’s name, that name will probably come. The reason, of course, would be that this is the name of a popular Disney princess.

  • Sassy

Meaning: spirited, lively and full of life

This name is often given to dogs that are very playful or disobedient. It is a perfect name for a dog that seems to have his own opinion.

  • lola

Meaning: Strong woman

This name would be perfect for a dog known for its strength, like a bulldog. It is one of the most popular names for female dogs.

Giving your dog or pup a name can be easy if you keep the following pointers in mind.

  • As far as possible use a dog name with more than one syllable. Dogs find it easier to hear longer names than shorter ones.
  • As mentioned earlier, make sure your dog’s name does not sound like another word that your dog might confuse with. Bo is a popular name but it sounds like the command ‘No’.
  • Choose a name that suits the sex of your dog. Female dog names for girl dogs and male dog names for male dogs make more sense although neutral popular dog names can also be chosen.
  • Yours dog’s physical appearance might help you choose a name.
  • Your dog’s personality could help you decide a dog name.
  • Your dog’s behavior could also inspire dog names.
  • You could also give your dog the names of any famous personalities like movie stars, rock stars and even politicians for that matter.
  • If you want your dog to like his name, never ever use it when you are angry with him or disciplining him. Try as far as possible, not to raise your voice when you use his name.


Top 10 dog names – Male/Female
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