Weight Management and Your Dog – Your Pup is Your Ticket to Skinny

Weight Management and Your Dog – Your Pup is Your Ticket to Skinny

Maintaining your weight is tough, but it’s always easier when you have a partner. If you have a dog, you have a workout buddy. Your dog can be an excellent motivator to help you stay skinny.

Running With Your Dog

Running is good for your dog – and for you. Dogs, especially big dogs and puppies, have a lot of energy to burn. Just like people, it’s most beneficial for them to get some exercise at least once per day. If you can’t motivate yourself to run, then use your dog as inspiration. You want them to be healthy and happy, so it’s important to give them a chance to run on a daily basis.Take your dog for a run at the park or down the street. They’ll appreciate the chance to burn off their energy, and you can join them in staying fit. As a bonus, you get to set the pace, but if your dog is really speedy, he can encourage you to push yourself.

Walking Your Dog

If you live somewhere without a backyard or convenient area for your dog to use the bathroom, then you’re probably already used to walking them several times per day. If not, now is the time to start. Instead of just letting them loose to do their business, go for a walk each time. Your pup will greatly appreciate the change of scenery and the exercise, and you’ll get yourself moving, too. If you already walk with your dog, challenge yourself to take longer walks with your dog, go more often, or quicken your pace to get your heart rate up a little bit more. Taking a walk first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day.

Eating Like Your Dog

No, dog food isn’t healthy for you, but you and your dog can both get on a healthier diet and eating schedule together. If your dog eats at regular intervals, use their meal time to remind yourself that it’s time to eat something, too. Whenever you refill your pup’s water bowl, let it be a reminder for yourself to drink a glass of water, too. Do some research on good dog nutrition, and you may find that you can actually share some of the same meals. Cooking fresh foods for your dog and for yourself is an excellent way to promote healthy eating habits.

Playing With Your Dog

Your dog is going to get bored with only running and walking at the end of a leash. Your dog wants some variety in physical activity, and shaking things up will help you stay interested in working out and maintaining fitness on a regular basis. Take your dog somewhere and play catch with him with a ball or Frisbee. Keep yourself moving the entire time.

At the very least, keep things fun by exploring new territories instead of always taking the same walking routes, such as by going for a run on the beach or taking a hike down a nature trail.

Weight Management and Your Dog – Your Pup is Your Ticket to Skinny
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